Code of Practice

Cabot Financial España promotes respect for debtors, customers and workers. That is why it supports and participates in the ethical standards of the sector and monitors the quality of its internal processes.

We understand that being in debt can be stressful, that is whyt we guarantee our clients a personalized, fair treatment with respect and empathy.

Cabot Financial Spain chairs the Board of Directors of ANGECO (National Association of Collection Management Entities), which is a member of the Federation of European Collection Management Associations (FENCA), and has actively participated in the development of the ANGECO code of ethics.

Your options

When you have an outstanding balance with Cabot Financial Spain, you have many options at your fingertips:

  • Eliminate the debt in its entirety
  • Establish a personal payment plan and reduce the amount monthly
  • Make a single payment

For more options, or for questions about your file please call us at 91 123 80 00 *. Sometimes we send our accounts to third parties and to our legal partners, the best way to avoid this is to contact us.

We have the following memberships and accreditations: