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I have received a notification. What should I do next?

The first step to take is to talk to our helpful and fully trained Customer Consultants. We can discuss the best way forward for you and tailor a solution to help your situation. Simply Get In Touch.


What if I don't think I can pay this balance?

Many of our customers are not in a position to pay their account at this time. It is important that you still contact us so we can understand this and we can offer solutions and free money advice to help our customers.

The balance on my letter isn't correct. What should I do?

Your previous lender has passed on their closing balance to us. This will be our starting balance and any payment history will be shown on your account. If you believe any part of your balance is not correct then you need to tell us immediately. This balance could be reported on your credit file so it is important that we work with you to get the correct balance.

I already paid my outstanding balance

If you already made the payment, contact us at the phone number provided on the notification. Keep in mind that payments may take a few days to apply, depending on the method used. Do not forget to keep the payment receipts that may have been generated, in order to facilitate the identification of your payment and confirm the regularization of your case.

Why is Cabot claiming a debt from another entity?

Cabot services other financial entities and big companies. It is also possible that Cabot Financial has acquired your debt and is now the new owner. If we’ve purchased your debt, then you would have received a welcome letter which informs you of the sale. This is known as a Notice of Assignment. Your original creditor will have also sent you a letter telling you we now own your account. Often these come together in the same envelope.

What does a default on my credit record mean?

A default is registered where there is a full outstanding balance to collect and the default date and default balance will be shown on the credit file. A default means that there are no arrears in isolation to collect and the full outstanding balance is due.

Why is it good to clear my credit record?

A poor credit rating may make it difficult for you to obtain further credit, depending on the type of credit you apply for and your personal credit file.

Your credit file indicates to a new lender from mortgage applications through to mobile phones your previous ability to manage financial commitments. This is likely to be considered in any further applications for financial borrowing.

Paying Cabot

How do I make a payment?

Most of our customers choose to pay by hassle free payment methods like Direct Debit, Standing Order or card payments. All of these can be found and more on our Make A Payment page.

If you make a payment arrangement over the phone our Customer Consultants will ensure we set up your plan with your preferred payment method.

Which is the best repayment method to choose?

We believe that Direct Debit is most suited for long-term repayment plans as it is a reliable, regular payment method that ensures that your plan will not fail as long as funds are available, thus giving you peace of mind that your payments will be made on time.

It also means that you will be protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee offered by participating banks and building societies and that you will be given advance notice of the collection amounts and dates.

What happens if I do not keep up my repayments?

To successfully manage your account all you need to do is keep us up to date of any changes. If you are struggling with any payments then you must contact us, ideally before the payment is missed. If you do this we can help you.

If you stop making payments and do not tell us then we cannot understand why and help you. We will write to you and ask that you contact us so it is imperative that you contact us to avoid further collection activity. The best solution at all times is to keep us up to date.

I want to clear my balance. How can I do this?

Your ideal position is to clear the account in full, many customers do this every day. To talk to us follow the links in our Get In Touch page, or if you'd prefer not to talk on the phone then make a payment via 'Make a Payment' section on this website.

Can I get a discount and save some money?

We like to give our customers all the help they need to clear their accounts. One of our flexible solutions is to reduce the amount you owe and apply a discount to outstanding balance.

There are two options:

  • Talk to one of our Customer Consultants and see if your account qualifies and they will help save you some money
  • Make an offer to us for repayment when you Sign in to this website and visit the Make a Payment page. If you do not have an online account you will need to Register.

Credit Record

How do I view my credit record?

Your credit history will reflect the existence of defaults, damaging you towards financial entities and other businesses and companies. Click here to find information on the Bank of Spain website on the Risk Information Center and how and for what purpose your credit history is recorded there.

In addition, it could be included in a list of unpaid records. These files collect the data of the holders of a debt due and previously claimed by the creditor, as well as the amounts owed. Click here to find out about this kind of files on the Banco de España website.

You can request information about their inclusion in the unpaid records. In Spain there are two main files, ASNEF / EQUIFAX ( and BADEXCUG (RAI) / EXPERIAN ( ).

What does a default on my credit record mean?

A default is registered where there is a full outstanding balance to collect and the default date and default balance will be shown on the credit file. A default means that there are no arrears in isolation to collect and the full outstanding balance is due.

This Is Not My Debt

I am receiving correspondence for someone who does not live at my address. What can I do?

When we purchase an account we are provided with the address from the previous creditor. Not all customers keep their creditors up to date with their change of address and this can sometimes mean that the customer has moved. This means you may receive a letter at your address for someone who does not live there. All you need to do is tell us and we can deal with this quickly. Go to our Get In Touch page for all contact information.

How has my address been linked to someone who has never lived there?

We get most of our information from Credit Reference Agencies, who update their data from banks, credit card companies, utility companies, insurance firms and similar, including debt purchase companies. This can mean that data from one of these multiple sources could have been put in wrong, or been corrupted. So it’s possible for a postcode to be changed or a house number altered by mistake.

It’s also possible that you have been a victim of fraud with someone using your address or your details to gain credit. If you suspect this is the case, then we recommend that you check your Credit Record to make sure no unknown entries have been added to it. If they have then you should contact any company involved to let them know you may have been a victim of fraud, and also contact Action Fraud ( about the issue.

If an account has been linked to you then you must call us and notify us so we can action the account accordingly and ensure that collection activity ceases whilst this is investigated.

I am still receiving mail despite advising the agencies that the person that they are looking for does not live at my address! Why?

The chances are that the individual in question is being searched for by a number of different companies. These companies will be using the same tracing tools as the agency that you have notified, but if there is a delay in updating records, further correspondence could be sent. Whilst it is appreciated that making contact with the various agencies is frustrating, it is essential in ensuring that all records are updated. This will lead to your address being removed and will prevent any future correspondence.

Who can I complain to about being the victim of a mis-trace?

If you believe that we have have linked an account to you and it simply is not yours then you need to alert us of this.

There are simple reasons this can happen, sometimes people can have the same or very similar details and the information used could have lead us unknowingly to the wrong person.

Go to our Get In Touch page to call us straight away so we can help you.

I have never had an account with the lender mentioned in your letter.

Some of the accounts we purchase may be quite old. This means it’s likely the company where they originate from could have merged or been acquired by another since the account was opened. Retail operations regularly review and sell their main brands. This means the name on the top of the agreement gets changed. The name of owner on your account could have changed multiple times before being sold on to us.

We understand that this may cause some confusion. We can tell you where the account originates from, as we keep a list of lender related information.

If you still believe that the account does not belong to you, then you need to notify us as soon as possible. The account will then be put on hold while we investigate and establish whether an error has been made.

Personal Details

Personal Details

We inform you that Cabot Financial Spain, S.A.U. is in charge of the treatment of your personal data. The treatment of this data is legitimized in the relationship between creditors and debtors. The reason for the processing of your data by us is limited exclusively to the recovery of unpaid debts. You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition by duly signed application, along with a copy of the DNI, to the address [email protected] or by mail to the address Av. Manoteras 46, 2ºA, C.P. 28050 of Madrid, where we will transfer the person in charge of the file so that he/she has knowledge of your request. Likewise, we inform you that you can request the protection of your rights in the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, you can find more information in

Customer Feedback or Complaints

How do I thank a Cabot employee who has helped me with my account?

We are really excited about receiving any feedback from our customers and we have a feedback process in house where we regularly ask our customers what they think. This is so valuable for us to learn and be better. If you have any specific contact us here.

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